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  • The safety of mac makeup wholesale and personal care products is a concern for many of us. As more and more reports come to light regarding the health effects of the chemical ingredients in these products, we can not help but wonder what is safe to use. First, we need products to protect us from the sun, you look younger and more beautiful, clean the dirt and efficient oil, cover imperfections and avoid unsightly sweat stains. On the other hand, we also want these products are completely safe. Even if there is a guarantee to 100%, there are tips to follow to make a purchase fail.

    Packaging - color and shape of the packaging can greatly affect our decision to purchase. For a product to be advertised as "natural", companies often use green or other colors in their natural packaging. People tend to associate nature with the color green.

    Natural - simply using the word "natural" in the product description means nothing. There are no regulations or standards for "natural". Instead, look for the USDA Organic certification.

    Recommended doctor or dermatologically tested - This may be just the opinion of one or a few doctors, not necessarily the majority. Although some doctors recommend mac cosmetics online are of sound quality, consumers should check the ingredients before you fall for the marketing hype.

    While adequate sun protection is important to prevent skin cancer and sunburn, all sunscreens are created equal. The chemicals in some sunscreens can be harmful to your body, such as oxybenzone. Select those with zinc and titanium as active ingredients. Instead of high SPF, stick to SPF 30 and reapply often. Also, wear hats and clothes that cover for an intense sun.