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Town planning

The Master Plan

The Master Plan is the planning document that sets out the guidelines for the spatial and physical layout of a municipality while at the same time providing an overview of the plan for the territory.


The Master Plan is the most important official document in the Municipality in regard to planning how to use the territory. It contains the planning policies approved by the municipal council to guide its decisions in the future.

This management tool enables the Municipal Council to:

  • instill coherence in the interventions choices while taking into account the potentials and constraints for the development of the natural and built environments;
  • define intervention policies for the introduction of equipment and infrastructure while taking into consideration the Municipality's needs and financial situation;
  • coordinate interventions and investments by the different municipal departments;
  • promote its desired development vision among public or private investors and development officers, and to make the population aware of planning issues;
  • complete the details of the plans for the territory contained in the land use and regional development plan; and
  • indicate the intentions underlying the controls it may wish to include in planning by-laws.

The Master Plan is in fact a spatial organization concept that represents in a schematic way the main territorial components that have a structuring role in planning, in response to the development and planning issues, orientations and objectives and the interrelationships among them.

Planning Advisory Committee (comité consultatif d'urbanisme) CCU

The planning advisory committee (CCU) is an organization that is mandated by the municipal council to provide advice on planning and land use applications that have been submitted to it.


The CCU is a working group comprising at least one member of the municipal council and residents it selects to guide and support its planning actions.

The CCU's recommendations and advice enable the municipal council to make the most of the contributions of elected officials and residents who can share the benefits of their life experiences in the Municipality and their particular concerns for the development of their territory. A CCU provides the opportunity to bring residents closer to urban planning issues.

In some cases, elected officials and residents can also provide specific expertise or reflect the interests of certain socio-economic groups that are interested in commercial development, environmental protection, heritage conservation, etc.

The regulations are available in their official French version only, see the file.

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