The municipality wishes to inform the citizens of Main Street in Calumet, that the application of the second layer of asphalt will begin on August 8 and continue until August 10 inclusively.

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In the upcoming weeks, motorists traveling municipal roads in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge will notice new road signs indicating the use of flashing green lights by firefighters. These signs are intended as a reminder to drivers that if you see such a flashing light, your firefighters are on their way to an intervention and, as a "courtesy", when possible, let them pass, and this, if everything is safe.

Job Opportunity - Beach Lifeguard

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Les Chutes-de-la-Rouge Campground is looking for candidates to fill (2) positions of beach lifeguards.


As the holiday season approaches, online shopping and package deliveries increase dramatically. As a result, the number of package thefts delivered to the doorstep has increased. The SQtv team has just published a Preventive Alert/Info on its YouTube channel SQtv-Sûreté du Québec. It includes prevention tips. 

The video is available on the following link:

Mayor's word

Mayor's word - regular meeting of the municipal council of October 5, 2021

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Information session concerning the deployment of High Speed Internet in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge

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Launching of the Pair program

A free automated and personalized call service for the senior population of Argenteuil

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Emergency Automated Calling System

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Council meeting in public

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Public notice is given that a special session will be held behind closed doors on Wednesday May 26, 2021, at 5:00 pm, at the Town Hall, 88 des Érables street, to address the following subjects:

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The MRC d’Argenteuil supports Grenville-sur-la-Rouge

The MRC d'Argenteuil supports Grenville-sur-la-Rouge position
in reference to the Canada Carbon project

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Légalisation du cannabis et adolescents

Available only in French

Légalisation du cannabis et adolescents | Cannabis legalization and teenagers OF GRENVILLE-SUR-LA-ROUGE

Des capsules vidéo produites par deux MRC pour venir en aide aux familles et leur entourage (AVAILABLE ONLY IN FRENCH)

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Violence conjugale | Domestic Violence

Ta sécurité passe avant tout.
Notre maison est ouverte et sécuritaire 24/7.

Citad'Elle de Lachute
450 562-7797


Your safety comes first. Our house is open and secure 24/7.
SOS Violence conjugale 1-800-363-9010

Dossier Internet haute vitesse | High Speed Internet File

La MRC d'Argenteuil et Fibre Argenteuil inc. déposent un mémoire conjoint au CRTC en vue d'améliorer la réglementation entourant l'accès aux poteaux (Available in French only )

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Instructions established following government directives

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Consignes établies suite aux directives du gouvernement


Instructions issued as a result of government directives

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Parent's guide Cybersûreté

As part of crime prevention week, the Sûreté du Québec published a guide that aims to inform parents of the risks associated with the use of online technologies and the dangers associated with the use of online technologies. 'Internet. It also provides advice on the safety and prevention measures to be favored by them so that they can play a positive role with their child.

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Termination of Interest Leave on Municipal Property Tax Accounts

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Gathering of 50 people and resuming public council meetings.

As you may know, gatherings of up to 50 people are now permitted. Cinemas are an example. However, we are still awaiting government guidance regarding municipal councils meetings and the holding of public meetings, as well as instructions for the rental of municipal premises. For the moment, we are maintaining the current rules.

As soon as we have the opportunity to reopen council meetings to the public, we will inform you. In the meantime, the audio recordings are available on the municipality's website the day following the meeting. 

Important Message to Cottagers

The municipality of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge is one of the regions affected by the decree of April 1 which limits access to our municipality to people who have their main residence Grenville-sur-la-Rouge. Owners of secondary residences are no longer allowed to go to their property and this until further notice.

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Dear residents of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge

The safety and well-being of our community, including our staff and Council members, is of utmost importance to us.

The Municipality adheres to the directives of the Government of Quebec and the Ministry of Health and Social Services and has the mandate to remain vigilant in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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COVID-19 – Self-care Guide – Publication of Gouvernement du Québec

The purpose of this guide is to help you in taking the best decisions for your own health and the health of your close friends and family during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

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The MRC d’Argenteuil announces concrete measures in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

The MRC d'Argenteuil wishes to take stock of the current situation and present the actions it is taking to support the population in the present context. (French file)

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In order to respect the hygiene guidelines and measures recommended by Quebec public health to counter the coronavirus, the municipal council of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge takes the following decisions:

  • The deadline for the first payment of taxes is postponed to Monday, April 20, 2020;
  • Until further notice Citizens will no longer be allowed to attend council meetings of the municipal council but we will try to put the audio recordings on the website as soon as possible.

Emergency Automated Calling System

As part of its emergency plan residents of Grenville-sur-la-Rouge can now be contacted by an automated emergency messaging system managed by the municipality, WITH NO USER FEE FOR ITS CITIZENS.

Online Registration (in french):  Click here

6th edition of the MRC d’Argenteuil / Sûreté du Québec blood drive

The population of Argenteuil invited to book an appointment to give blood on April 14th.

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